How to fix the riot server problem

  • September 13, 2021


Restart your server 2.

Disable the server 3.

Use a VPN 4.

Open a new browser window to access your Riot game 5.

Check the server status in the lower-right corner 6.

Use the Riot app to join the game 7.

Click the Riot icon in the upper-right of the screen to invite your friends 8.

Wait until everyone is online before you start playing 9.

Make sure to let your friends know that you’re playing with them, too 10.

Wait for your friends to be online before the game starts 11.

Check your friend’s ping when you join a game 12.

Check whether or not your friends are on your server 13.

Watch for changes to your friend list 14.

Wait to hear from your friends if they have problems 15.

Keep an eye on your friend count when playing in the Riot App 16.

Watch out for new player messages 17.

Wait up to 10 minutes for friends to join your server 18.

Watch your friends’ ping when they join a match 19.

Watch the server ping for new players 20.

Watch how much time is left on your friends list 21.

Watch as new players queue for a game 22.

Watch other players queue on the server 23.

Check on the status of your friendlist 24.

Wait 15 minutes for your friend to join a queue 25.

Check if the server is down 26.

Check to see if your friend has a friend in another server 27.

Check that you have friends in your friendlists server 28.

Check how many friends are online when you first join a server 29.

Check who is joining the server and what their ping is 30.

Wait an additional 15 minutes if your server is offline 31.

If your server does not show up on the main server list, check the status in your server browser 32.

Check which servers have the most active players and join the server 33.

Check a server’s ping before joining 34.

Wait 10 minutes to see the server’s current state 35.

Wait 5 minutes to join another server 36.

Wait five minutes to try to join one of your friends 37.

Wait two minutes if you’re unable to join an invite 36.

Check for any network problems on your connected devices 37.

If you’re having trouble with your connected device, contact Riot’s customer service team for a refund or replacement 38.

If a connection problem persists, contact your ISP for help 39.

Check you’re connected to the internet at all times 40.

Check it out again if you need to troubleshoot 41.

Check what your friends have already played 42.

Check in-game stats if you want to see who’s playing who 43.

Check with your friends and let them know what you think of their game 44.

Watch others’ ping during a game 45.

Check friends’ queues if you like them 46.

Check when a match starts and end times 47.

Check server ping on your game client 48.

Check ping on the official server browser 49.

Check servers performance status 50.

Check any server performance issues 51.

Check anything else you need help with 52.

See all of your in-match stats 53.

Use Riot’s app to keep track of your progress 54.

Watch a match in progress 55.

View all of the players in your game 56.

Read more about the Riot game on our FAQ section.


View how your friends rank on the scoreboard 58.

Read how you stack up on other players in a game 59.

See who your friends can play with 60.

Learn how you’re performing in matchmaking 61.

Check current stats for your server 62.

Check stats for any other players 63.

Check where you are playing 64.

Check statistics for your team 65.

Check information about your friendlies stats 66.

Check details about your friends progress in matchmade games 67.

See which players are using the server, their stats and their friends stats 68.

Check up on any new features or features coming to the game 69.

Check matchmaking stats for yourself 70.

See what’s happening in your friends queue 71.

Check all the information about a matchmaking match 72.

Check specific players in the server 73.

Check more information about players in any server 74.

Check out your friends stats 75.

See how you compare to other players and friends 76.

Watch players in-person 77.

Check chat messages in-between matches 78.

See your match history 79.

Read the stats on your opponent 80.

See players’ ping on any other player 81.

Watch friends ping in-progress 82.

Check progress on any players 83.

Watch stats of your team 84.

Watch in-battle stats 85.

Watch statistics on your teammates 86.

Watch server statistics for a match 87.

Watch information about any players in another player’s game 88.

See statistics for any players who are active in a team 89.

See the statistics for all players in both your game and your friends 90.

Check performance on your own teammates 91.

Check game statistics for yourself 92.

Watch chat messages for you and

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