How to fix Windows 10 and Chrome’s “black hole” issue

  • August 9, 2021

Microsoft has acknowledged that the Windows 10 version of the operating system is prone to “black holes” in the operating environment, according to a blog post from Microsoft’s general manager of the hardware and software group, Brian Wieser.

Microsoft has not yet released a patch for this problem.

Wiesner did not specifically address the issue with Windows 10, but he noted that “there are other factors” that can affect a system’s security.

He did, however, say that Microsoft will release a patch later this year that will address “the impact of black holes in Windows.”

The issue has been known since at least 2012, when it was reported by Microsoft engineers.

Wieders post was first reported by Engadget.

A Microsoft representative did not immediately respond to Ars’ request for comment.

The blog post goes on to state that Windows 10 has “many features and improvements” that “will improve our security.”

Wiesers post also states that Windows Defender, Microsoft’s anti-virus software, “is the only solution” for the issue.

Microsoft is working on a new version of Windows 10 that will include the “Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection” feature, which will “add a new layer of protection to your PC.”

Wieder did not address the Windows Defender Advanced Security feature in the blog post, which he said will be “coming soon.”

Microsoft did not respond to our request for a comment on the topic.

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