Google to roll out new service for search results

  • September 12, 2021

Google is rolling out a new search service that allows users to type in a keyword, or address, to see more results for a specific term.

The search service is being called “Nearby,” and Google’s executive vice president of products said Tuesday it will allow users to search for a keyword or address within a geographic area by location.

The new search feature is a “first of its kind,” said Google spokesperson Josh Bock.

He said the service was built with a wide range of interests in mind, including “people in different parts of the world, in different locations.”

It will not work with Google Maps.

“Near by” is also available in the Google Search app for Android and Apple devices.

Google is also offering a similar search feature for YouTube.

Bock also said Google’s search engine would be “optimized to improve the experience for people with limited knowledge of the local search landscape,” which includes many places with no Google service.

Google has built its search service on the premise that users search for the terms they want because it is cheaper than the other way around.

The company’s original search engine, Google, was originally developed in the early 1990s by Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

In 2007, Google bought the mapping company Maps for $1.5 billion.

Google’s new search engine will be similar to the company’s other products, such as Google Now, Google Maps, and Google Street View.

But unlike Google’s other offerings, Nearby will have no ads.

Bocks tweet suggested that Nearby may be similar in functionality to Google Maps’ built-in search, but it is not.

“We will be making an announcement about Nearby on Wednesday, but we have a great deal more to share in the near future,” he tweeted.

Google will also be expanding its search functionality to allow users with disabilities to make searches and have more control over the experience.

“While we’re working on making it easier for people to search, it will not be a substitute for the built-into Search functionality,” Bock said.

“In the near term, the only thing that will be a replacement for the Built-in Search functionality will be our Nearby feature.

We hope to be announcing more details about Near by the end of this week.”

Google also announced that it will make its search results more relevant to people with disabilities.

“People with disabilities have different search and context needs,” the company said in a blog post.

“It’s important to us that people have a place to find relevant information about their experiences.

For this reason, we’re introducing new search results to help people find information relevant to their specific needs.”

Google will work with the disability advocacy group, People with Disabilities Advocates, to develop the new search product.

People with disabilities can have access to a search engine tailored to their needs, including searching for specific terms that match their needs.

“As a result, we expect to see the adoption of the new Nearby service increase in the next few months,” the group said in the blog post announcing the service.

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