How Cloud Hosting Made Us Rich!

  • October 28, 2021

Posted September 07, 2018 07:02:59A couple of years ago, when we decided to launch our own web hosting company, we had no idea how our platform would evolve over the years.

We had never built a web server ourselves, so our infrastructure consisted of a single rack of Linux servers and a few hundred dollars of free web hosting for our customers.

The server setup was very easy to set up, and the only real challenge was figuring out how to run our servers in production.

But thanks to a series of events that happened over the past few years, we finally had the infrastructure we needed to host a fully-fledged web server that could handle anything.

In this episode of the NGS Podcast, we’ll dive into what went right and wrong with the initial setup and how we’ve been able to build a fully managed and optimized solution that has helped us grow and improve our business and product.

This episode is sponsored by: NGS is a sponsor of The Next Web.

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