How to watch your NFL team games using a smart TV app

  • October 26, 2021

NFL Network and NFL Game Pass have announced that they are working together to stream all of the NFL games via the Apple Watch, with a variety of apps available to users on iOS and Android.

The app has been released today for both the Apple TV and Apple TV Mini.

The apps include a wide range of streaming options, including the WatchESPN app that streams every NFL game as it happens.

The WatchESPN apps also offer live video highlights from the game as well as an “In the Zone” feature that shows you who has the ball when a play goes awry.

The NFL WatchESPN and WatchESPN Plus apps also have separate features to let you skip past highlights.

The WatchESPN/NFL WatchESPN+ apps are both available on iOS devices.

The watchOS app has the full catalog of games from all 32 teams, with an array of games and other content to watch on-demand or download on demand.

NFL GamePass is available on both iOS and OS X, and it’s got a lot of content, including live highlights, replay, a video player, and more.

The Apple TV version of the Watch ESPN app has a lot more sports content, and the app will also have NFL Network.

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