Tennis serve ‘a bit of a challenge’ for a virtual server

  • September 27, 2021

Servir, a virtual tennis service for mobile devices, has launched a virtual machine to offer a “virtual version” of its service.

It says it aims to deliver an “entirely new experience” to its users, and the service is currently only available to “fans of the sport”.

The service has been developed for the PlayStation Vita and iPhone, and is free for users.

The service was created with the help of virtual-reality specialist KISS Interactive.

“Servir provides an entirely new experience for users with PlayStation Vita,” it said in a blog post.

“A full 360-degree video game experience, complete with realistic graphics, sound effects, and animations.

You can even create your own tennis game, using the entire match.”

The service also offers “a unique way to connect with fans” who can sign up and play on a virtual game server.

The site also offers a list of tennis tournaments and players to follow, as well as a “playlist” for those interested in playing against a tennis player in the game.

It also has a “tour guide” for players looking to see how the service has played out in their local area.

“If you want to know what’s coming up in the future, you can always subscribe to the new tour guide,” it added.

“Or if you just want to play tennis, you’re not going to have to worry about it anymore.”

Users can also access the service by simply entering a username and password, and it does not appear to support “password sharing”.

“We know tennis fans are demanding a completely new experience, so we are adding new features to help keep it relevant for them,” the company said.

“We also want to thank all our fans who continue to show us how important the service really is.”

Virtual servers are popular among tennis fans because they allow users to “simulate” a virtual match between two players using virtual technology.

Tennis players can have their tennis set up in real time on a server, and can switch between players on the fly using a mobile device’s camera.

The players can also switch to their mobile device while playing to simulate the game using their voice.

The game allows users to choose between five players at a time, and has a host of other features, such as a weather system and the ability to set custom rankings.

“When you have a virtual player, you get to play with him, not against him, and we want to make it easy to do that,” Servir’s CEO and founder Daniel Jenson said.

The company is now offering more than 150 tennis players the chance to take part in a virtual tour of its facilities.

Tennis fans will be able to access the virtual service at a number of locations around Australia, including the Grandstand, the AIS, the Adelaide Tennis Club, the Tennis Australia Centre, the MCG and the Sydney Cricket Ground.

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