File server for Google’s Android platform now in beta

  • July 29, 2021

File server app Google now has a beta version of a new Android file server app for Android that can handle millions of simultaneous connections and is designed to work with Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Docs, Google Drive Shared and other cloud services.

The new File Server app is designed for Google Android, which Google launched in February and later announced would support the new Google Drive API.

Google said it launched the new file server service in late October after the Android File Server SDK was merged with the new APIs.

It will allow developers to easily add, modify and delete files from their own Android applications, which is a key advantage of File Server for Android.

File Server can also be used in Web apps and is available for Android Web apps in the Google Play Store.

“The Android File Service is the next generation of storage and synchronization that’s available on mobile,” said Google’s Dan Hausfeld, senior vice president for Android File System.

“It is one of the fastest and most robust file sharing applications available today.”

In addition to File Server, Google also is working on a new version of its Android app called Google Drive for Android, and it is working to add support for File Server on other Android devices.

It is not clear whether Google Drive will be available for download or for a trial.

“This new File Service lets users seamlessly share and share large files between multiple apps on their phones or tablets,” Hausfield said.

“File Server for Google Play will allow people to share files on Android as easily as they can on iOS.”

Google said the new Android File Servers will support Android versions up to 5.0.2.

Google said it will also provide an alternative version of File Server for Google Apps for Android with support for files up to 1 gigabyte.

The File Server service is available to developers in the Android App Developer Preview.

The Android app can be downloaded from Google Play.

Google also announced earlier this month that it has added File Server support for Google Drive.

Google has also added File Serters for its Google Photos app, Google Files and Google Doc.

Google has also been working on File SerVERS for iOS.

The File Server APIs are also part of the iOS File System API, which allows apps to access and modify the files stored on Apple’s servers.

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